Elective Despotism and the Second Amendment


Yesterday, the Maryland state legislature voted to infringe upon my Second Amendment rights.  In a state already riddled with violent crime despite (or rather because of) some of the strictest gun laws, law-abiding citizens have no recourse.  Under the new law, hundreds of guns would be banned, high capacity magazines would be prohibited, all gun owners would have to submit to finger printing, and state police would have wide latitude in auditing gun dealers.

This is a state that has granted in-state tuition rights to illegal aliens.  This is a state with some of the loosest criminal justice laws.  Yet a peaceful American citizen cannot live in this state, protect himself, start a business or support himself without Soviet style laws.  And there is nothing we can do about it.  If Moses himself were to run for Governor as a Republican and Satan as the Democrat, Satan would win.  There is a supermajority of people in this state who will vote for these malcontents unconditionally.  Some counties that voted overwhelmingly Republican just 20 years ago now vote 60% Democrat, due to demographic changes.

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