New Hampshire: Urge your Reps. to Sustain Sununu’s vetoes

House Will Try to Override Gov. Sununu’s Vetoes on September 18

Tell Your State Reps. to Sustain Sununu’s Vetoes

Good news!

Governor Chris Sununu remained true to his word and vetoed every single anti-gun bill that was sent to his desk.

But now the House of Representatives has scheduled a session for September 18 to consider overriding the Governor’s vetoes.

We need you to take action to urge the House to sustain the vetoes and prevent gun control from being enacted in New Hampshire.

Here are a few short descriptions of the bills in play. For more details, please see our alerts here and here.

1) HB 109 will send you to jail for selling, loaning or giving a gun to a friend or family member.

By outlawing private party sales and transfers and forcing all firearms transfers to be processed through licensed dealers, this will establish the basis of a Universal Registration System.

2) HB 514, as amended by the Senate, will force you to wait up to three business days (which could be up to 6 calendar days) between purchasing a gun and bringing it home.

This bill also includes, for the first time ever in New Hampshire, a mandatory training requirement brought to you by way of the notoriously anti-gun New Hampshire Fish and Game Hunter Education program.

3) HB 564 will make our children less safe by enacting, for the first time ever in New Hampshire, a possessory gun offense that carries misdemeanor penalties.

A local school official could have a law-abiding adult thrown in jail for carrying a self-defense gun into a school, onto school property or on a school bus without so called authorization.

We have not suffered a tragedy precisely because abiding adults are not prohibited from going about armed.  Potential murderers likely understand that their intended victims may be able to fight back.  If HB 564 is enacted, our children will be less safe.

4) HB 696, which would compel the police to confiscate guns from many families which care for their elderly parents — with no court order and no dues process whatsoever.

We need your help because my state house sources have told me that an organization that poses as a pro-gun group is trying to push the House to enact HB 696, the eldercare gun confiscation bill.

So, I need you to do two things:

  1. Ask your Senator and Representative to uphold the governor’s vetoes; and,
  2. Thank the governor for his vetoes by calling him at 603-271-2121.

BUT MOST IMPORTANT: Please urge your State Reps (above) to sustain the Governor’s vetoes of the four gun control bills (HB 109, HB 514, HB 564 and HB 696).