Biden Gun Control Nominee for ATF Director Close to Being Confirmed

David Chipman — the gun control lobbyist nominated by President Biden to direct the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives — is up for a committee vote this Thursday.

While his nomination has been held over twice, anti-gun Senators are refusing to relent. So the committee vote on his nomination is now scheduled for June 24.

Chipman would bring not only antigun partisanship to a government organization directly responsible for regulating firearms but also a distinct lack of technical knowledge on the firearms he wants to ban (See Minute Man Moment Episode 24 for more information).

Should Chipman pass this vote, he will be headed to the Senate floor for a confirmation vote.

Time is of the essence!

GOA urges you to contact your senators and tell them exactly what you think of David Chipman: that he is nothing but a puppet for the anti-gunners who wants to criminalize your constitutionally protected rights, no matter that cost.

Senators need to hear from their voters that David Chipman is a terrible choice for ATF Director. Take action today!

Even if you have already emailed your Senators, please do so again. We have several different messages and subject line combinations that will randomly be selected when you take action. So the chances are good that you will not send the same letter as before.