LA: Constitutional Carry Headed to the Governor’s Desk!

GOA is happy to report that the Louisiana Legislature has finally passed Constitutional Carry, bill SB118, which will now head to Governor John Bel Edwards’ desk for his signature or veto!

As GOA brought to your attention in a prior alert, the Governor has made it known that he would veto any Constitutional Carry legislation stating that he “feels very strongly that a considerable majority of the people in Louisiana support the system we currently have.”

But the truth is, SB 118 has had overwhelming support from both the Louisiana House and Senate, passing both chambers with veto-proof margins. In fact, SB 118 passed the Senate twice with a veto-proof margin, first in its original form and then again on a concurrence vote to approve amendments added by the House.

So regardless of how Governor Edwards “feels,” the votes taken by our duly elected representatives and senators clearly demonstrate that a considerable majority of the people of Louisiana support Constitutional Carry!

Now it is time for us to take this message directly to Governor Edwards!

Please take action and let Governor John Bel Edwards know that we expect him to support Constitutional Carry by signing SB 118 into law!

If you can, call Governor Edwards at (225) 342-0991 and ask that he sign Constitutional Carry bill SB 118.

Then send him a follow up email using the form above.