Dems punish police, watch crime skyrocket, blame you

President Joe Biden is blaming you gun owners for a crime wave in America’s biggest Democrat-run cities, and promising to punish you for it, but a gun-rights advocate says Democrats caused record-breaking guns sales after causing a crime wave.

Biden this week unveiled what he called a new crime prevention strategy that includes strengthening background checks, banning so-called assault weapons and large-capacity magazines, and boosting community policing…

Reacting to this week’s anti-gun announcement, Mike Hammond of Gun Owners of America tells One News Now he is thankful for one thing: the Senate filibuster.

“So long as there is a filibuster that semi-auto ban isn’t going to go into law. That magazine ban isn’t going to go into law. And that universal gun registry isn’t going to go into law,” he says. “So thank God for that!”…

An example of budget cuts came from Austin, Texas, a liberal-run city of 950,000, where a unanimous city council vote slashed almost one-third of the police budget last August. Those funds were reallocated for food for the poor and abortion. Four months later, two weeks before Christmas, the city’s homicide hate had jumped 54% over 2019, a CBS News affiliate reported.

Hammond tells One News Now that punishing police departments ironically helped pushed firearms sales because the public knows full well that a social worker is not going to protect your home during a break-in.

By the end of 2020, the FBI had conducted 21 million firearm background checks, Fox Business reported in a January story. The 2019 total was 13.1 million.

In a well-timed response to Biden, The Daily Signal this week published an investigative story on skyrocketing crime rates in six major cities, such as Chicago and Baltimore, where Democrat politicians openly called for slashing police budgets to protest police bruality against minorities.

“Americans correctly understood that this was nonsense,” Hammond sales of slashed police budgets, “that the government and the Left were endangering them, that they and their families were at risk.”…

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