Mama Bearing Arms Fires Shotgun at Home Intruders

Mama Bearing Arms Fires Shotgun at Home Intruders

Never underestimate the fury of a mama bear defending her cubs. Or worse, a mama bearing arms to protect her children.

When two robbers broke into a woman’s home, she said her maternal instinct kicked in, and, grabbing a 12-gauge shotgun, stood to protect her young daughter from harm.

The Savannah, GA woman says her husband, a firefighter, was on his shift Monday night, when she heard someone coming into her home.

“Got up thinking it was morning time, and it was my husband, got up to go greet him…and got punched in the face and pushed back into my bedroom,” said Shannon Linton, fended off intruders.

Linton says she quickly realized that not one, but two men were in her home. Linton says she immediately feared for her teenage daughter, who was sleeping just feet away.

“I think when he punched me, he thought he’d knocked me out. Because he kept coming toward, down the hallway. And that’s when I went right back into the bedroom and grabbed the gun,” said Linton.

Now armed with the 12 gauge, she intended to use it to keep her daughter safe.

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