AR: Second Amendment Sanctuary Bill Passes House and Heads to the Governor!

As we told you just last week, Arkansas legislators have been pushing to protect your Second Amendment rights from Biden’s gun control agenda!

The “Arkansas Sovereignty Act of 2021” (SB 298) — sponsored by Senator Gary Stubblefield — is challenging President Biden’s intention to impose a gun control agenda that will restrict your 2A rights.

The bill passed in the Senate on March 31, and just passed in the House yesterday, April 15!

As a reminder: if this bill would become law, state and local government officials will be under order to NOT enforce ANY unconstitutional federal gun control laws, which will make it significantly less likely for federal gun control to be enforced.

While we hope Governor Hutchinson will enact this 2A Sanctuary bill, we ask for you to urge him to sign this ASAP!

Please call Governor Asa Hutchinson at (501) 682-2345, urging him to enact SB 298 and make Arkansas a Second Amendment Sanctuary! Then follow up with our pre-written email using the form above!