Constitutional Carry Moving in Columbia

South Carolina House Passes Constitutional Carry!

Click on the Take Action button and encourage your state senator to support H 3930 — legislation to enact Constitutional Carry in South Carolina.

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South Carolina House Passes Constitutional Carry!

Dear Friend:

Good news! 

The South Carolina House recently passed CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY legislation by an impressive margin of 64 to 46

The bill, House Bill 3930 is now in the Senate. 

I have told you how New Hampshire and North Dakota recently joined the Constitutional Carry Club.

Now, Constitutional Carry is on the move in South Carolina.

I am so thankful for the help that GOA members and activists are providing from coast-to-coast.

You may remember that I already urged you to contact your state representative in support of H 3930.

Contacting your elected officials makes such a huge difference!

House Bill 3930 specifies that any person who could obtain a dangerous weapon license, if he or she wanted, may legally carry a concealed handgun without actually getting a license.

In other words, you can carry a concealed gun without registering yourself with the government or paying a permission fee.

If you have to ask for permission, pay a tax on it and register yourself with the government, it’s not a right.

This Constitutional Carry bill fixes that.

South Carolinians should not have to get the government’s permission in order to exercise their Second Amendment right to carry a firearm for self-defense.  

And we are within striking distance of getting the state to recognize that fundamental fact. 

So please contact your state Senator to urge support for CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY, H 3930.

In Liberty,

Erich Pratt
Executive Director

P.S. Go here to tell your legislator to support and vote for H 3930 — a Constitutional Carry bill that allows anyone, who could legally get a concealed carry license, to carry a handgun without getting a permission slip from the government or paying a fee.