‘A Strong Second Amendment Leaning’: Pro-Gun Group Details Why They Think Amy Coney Barrett Would Defend Firearm Rights

  • The Gun Owners of America, a prominent Second Amendment group, said Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett would be a loyal defender of the right to bear arms. 
  • The group cited a 36-page, pro-gun dissent from Barrett in a case involving a non-violent felon seeking to restore his gun rights in Wisconsin. Barrett repeatedly invoked the intentions of the country’s founders. 
  • An official with the group considers Barrett an ally to the Second Amendment, despite her relatively small record on the issue and said the country may be headed for a “turning point” for firearms rights pending the outcome of the November election. 

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett would be a stalwart supporter of the Second Amendment if confirmed to the court, according to a gun-rights group.

The legislative counsel for the Gun Owners of America, one of the country’s largest pro-gun advocacy organizations, said Barrett appears to be a strict constitutionalist. He also pointed to a dissenting opinion the judge wrote in 2019 in which she wrote in favor of a non-violent felon seeking to restore his firearms rights.

“She comes out, in my opinion, as a person with a strong Second Amendment leaning. I would consider her to be as much of a constitutionalist as you can get,” Gun Owners of America legislative counsel Michael Hammond told the Daily Caller News Foundation in a phone interview.

“Let’s say [Democratic nominee Joe] Biden becomes the president and Democrats control the Senate, we’re going to see gun bans,” Hammond continued. “I think it would be much safer in that we can determine that Barrett is likely to vote the way the Constitution defined.”

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