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Gun groups launch new push for concealed-carry legislation

Gun rights groups are gearing up for a major push to move concealed-carry legislation through the new Republican Congress….

Second Amendment advocates are throwing their weight behind the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, a bill introduced in both chambers of Congress that would allow gun owners to carry concealed weapons across state lines….

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Constitutional Carry Bills Advancing from Coast-to-Coast

The concept of “constitutional carry” is simple:  An individual's ability to exercise his or her Second Amendment rights shouldn't depend on a “permit” from the government.

Currently, there are six states that allow permitless carry throughout all or most of their jurisdictions.

This week in New Hampshire, the full Senate will be taking up SB 116, a constitutional carry bill which previously passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee by a 3-1 vote.

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An Unprecedented Constitutional Crisis
by Tim Macy

What if a man ascended to the presidency who was so ruthless in his desire to transform the United States to his bidding that the restraints of the Constitution became irrelevant to him?  

What if his sycophantic Attorney General excused his law-breaking, while his regulators sought to destroy his political opposition?  

What if his vicar in the Senate obliterated the Senate rules in order to pack the courts with toadies and go-fers who existed to do the President's bidding?

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2nd Amendment threatened in Obama's trade plans

Take Action Today!

Contact your Senators and Representative.  Ask them to oppose giving Barack Obama the unbridled authority to impose back-door, UN-styled gun control!

UNITED NATIONS – Giving President Obama fast-track authority to conclude an international trade agreement is like playing Russian roulette with six bullets in the chamber, says one of America’s leading gun rights organizations.

Gun Owners of America is blasting a congressional proposal that empowers Obama to unilaterally negotiate international agreements as “a ‘bait and switch’ scheme that could seriously impact the Second Amendment.”

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The Right to Defend Your Family is a “Pro-Life” Value
by Erich Pratt

USA Today isn't exactly a close ally of either the pro-life or Second Amendment movements. So it’s not surprising that on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the newspaper published an opinion piece by Pastor Rob Schenck trying to pick a fight between the two communities. 

That's not going to happen.

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Self-Defense Corner

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College Student Says She’s Glad Her Dad Gave Her The Gun She Used To Fight Off Armed Home Invaders 

A University of Central Florida student says she’s glad her dad gave her a gun to take to school after she needed one to confront two violent home invaders who held her boyfriend at gun point and threatened her life.

Sable Nehme and her boyfriend, Nour Skargee, answered a knock at their off-campus apartment Tuesday. When they opened the door, two men burst in, WFTV reported.

One of the men pointed a gun at Skargee and ordered him to the ground.

“They said ‘we’re going to kill your girl,’” said Skargee, who also attends UCF. “That’s when I really lost hope, you know.”

Nehme told WFTV that she ran to the couple’s bedroom and tried to lock the door.

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Anti-Gun Advocates Routinely Ask Why Anyone Would Ever Need More Than 10 Bullets — Texas Man Now Has a Good Reason

A man in Tomball, Texas, was startled out of his sleep by the sound of someone kicking in his front door on Monday night.

He quickly retrieved his firearm, ready defend his life and property — though he likely didn’t anticipate the intense firefight that would occur.

Two suspects and homeowner traded more than 30 shots during the aggressive home invasion, KHOU-TV reports.

Harris County Assistant Chief Deputy Mark Herman told KPRC-TV that the homeowner was “in fear for his life” when he opened fire on the suspects who invaded his home. He couldn’t confirm whether anyone was hit by gunfire during the exchange.

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Viral Video: Proof That Guns Save Lives Compilation

This compilation video of news stories and videos of gun owners refusing to become victims is a great resource.  In many cases simply the presence of a gun sends the criminals scurrying. Scroll down to watch the video.

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Armed Arby’s Customer Stops Knife-Wielding Robber

A Utah man who just wanted to order food at an Arby’s restaurant ended up thwarting a robbery attempt by a knife-wielding woman with a criminal history.

It happened at around noon on Sunday when, according to the Deseret News, the customer was placing his order in the drive-thru of the Vernal roast beef sandwich franchise.

When the man realized that the cashier was not responding to him he pulled out of the drive-thru, parked his truck, and went inside the store to order his food there.

In the store, one of the cashiers mouthed to him the words “We’re being robbed.”

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Woman Fires Gun, Sends Throat-Slashing Psycho Running for His Life

Alleged throat-slitting psycho Ronald Kaehne was charged with two counts of attempted first degree homicide after the slasher murders he’s planned in his journal didn’t go quite the way he’d hoped, and he was forced to flee or his life before he could kill his intended victims.

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Election 2006

Gun Owners of America
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102
Springfield, VA 22151

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

What impact, if any, will the transformational 2006 Congressional Election have on Second Amendment rights?

While election 2006 may have been a referendum on many things (the President, war in Iraq, Jack Abramoff, Mark Foley for example), it does not translate into greater support for gun control at the grass roots level.

If anything, gun control was notable as a non-issue in this election. In compiling the GOA rating, researchers could hardly find a congressional candidate with any stated position on gun control on campaign websites.

That's not to say many of the newly elected will not support the anti-gun agenda; just that they recognize open support for gun control will cost them at the polls.

Unlike the newly elected members, however, the Democrat Congressional leadership is completely beholden to the far left anti-gun extreme of its party.

House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi (F-rated by GOA) is a charter member of the most extreme wing of the party she now leads. As the person who controls what bills come to the floor, Pelosi will be unable to say "No" to the appeals for more gun control by the likes of Sarah Brady and her congressional allies.

The Speaker's strongest House ally in the push for more gun control is long-time Democrat anti-gun activist John Conyers, the likely Chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

Almost all bills related to the Second Amendment will pass through Conyers' committee. The new Chairman, an extremist who advocates a total handgun ban, will control the schedule of the committee as well as which bills come up for committee vote.

The situation in the Senate may be worse (pending the outcome of the Virginia senate race). Should Democrat Jim Webb hang on to win, the expected new Senate Majority will be F-rated Harry Reid (NV) and the probable incoming Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee would be GOA F-rated Pat Leahy of Vermont

From there it really goes downhill.

The rest of the Democrats currently on the committee make up the Who's Who of the anti-gun movement:

* Ted Kennedy (MA), the mouthpiece for Sarah Brady in the Senate;
* Joe Biden (DE), who chaired the Judiciary Committee when the Brady bill passed in 1993, and who said at that time, famously, "The public and the Congress have spoken unequivocally, and I don't care what a minority wants;"
* Herb Kohl (WI), author of the "Gun Free Zones Ban;"
* Dianne Feinstein (CA), author of the so-called "Assault Weapons" ban;
* Russ Feingold (WI), democrat lead sponsor of so-called campaign finance reform;
* Charlie Schumer (NY), lead sponsor of the 1993 Brady law; and,
* Dick Durbin (IL), one of the most outspoken gun control zealots in the Senate.

Gun owners should look twice at the above list. Most or all of these members will remain on the Judiciary Committee when the new Congress convenes in January, and will help shape American gun laws for at least the next two years.

Gun Owner Victories

There were several bright spots for gun owners this election. The 210th Congress will include the following "A rated" members who had the support of Gun Owners of America's Political Action Committee: Doug Lamborn (R-CO), Bill Sali (R-ID), Vern Buchanan (R-FL) Peter Roskam (R-IL), Tim Walberg (R-MI), Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Adrian Smith (R-NE), and Jim Jordan (R-OH).

With the exception of Buchanan, who has not held elected office, each of these new representatives have strong, proven pro-gun records in their respective state legislatures. In addition, Reps. Roskam, Walberg, Smith and Jordan are a vast improvement over the Republicans they are replacing.

Further, many of the incumbent Republicans who were defeated were not pro-gun. For example, Nancy Johnson (CT), Jim Leach (IA), Clay Shaw (FL), Curt Weldon (PA), and Charlie Bass (NH) were not strong gun rights supporters.

In the Senate, ousted Republican Mike DeWine of Ohio was as anti-gun as Charlie Schumer. The same can be said for Lincoln Chafee (R-RI).

Democrat Senators-elect Jon Tester (MT), and Bob Casey (PA), as well as Jim Webb, claim to be pro-gun. It remains to be seen if they vote that way.

The bottom line: On a race-by-race basis, the pro-gun movement suffered a net loss of only a small handful of seats.

However, notwithstanding widespread calls for moderation within their ranks, the Democrat leadership in the House and Senate will unquestionably put gun owners on the defensive by seeking to renew the so-called assault weapons ban, close down gun shows, and drastically expand the Brady gun control law.


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