Why Gun Rights Advocates Can’t Afford To Give Any Ground

Gun control supports keep complaining that the pro-Second Amendment side isn’t interested in compromise. They claim they don’t want to take away all of our guns, despite knowing damn good and well that at least some of them do.

However, we can’t give any ground. At all..

First, they do not want compromise. They’re not interested in giving us anything we want. They are willing to take a little less than what they want. That’s not a compromise.

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No, keep in mind, at one time, Canada had gun laws only slightly more restrictive than the United States. They had plenty of guns, guns of all types, and fairly little crime.

However, they freaked over what crime they did have and started restricting guns.

Now, they’re talking about banning handguns completely. The line continues to be moved over and over again after gun control fails to address the crime that supposedly caused it to be considered in the first place…

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