Watch: Man Tests Democrats’ Claims, Pulls Trigger on All-Plastic Gun (It Blows Up)

A business owner in Forth Worth, Texas, put Democrat claims about 3D printed guns to the test by building an all-plastic weapon and pulling the trigger, only to have it blow up.

Michael Lynn owns 3D Print Everything, and he built the all-plastic to gun to see what would happen.

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WFAA reports that it took Lynn “36-hours and $10 worth of plastic to print 13 pieces that he assembled into the pistol.” While sanding various plastic parts to help with the fit Lynn said, “People have test fired this gun as we’re about to and it blows up on the very first bullet that they put through it. A lot of people are holding this in their hand and that’s like holding an M80 [firecracker]. It’s just very dangerous.”

Lynn’s words run contrary to the impression given by Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Bill Nelson (D-FL), Chris Murphy (D-CT), and Ed Markey (D-Mass.), each of whom has warned on the threat posed by undetectable 3D guns. Sen. Markey went so far as to say we have now reached a point in time where a “3D Printer Cartridge [is] as Deadly as a Gun Cartridge.”

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