VA: The Governor is coming for your guns

Governor Northam Pushing Gun Confiscation Legislation!

Tell Your Delegate and Senator to Oppose the Governor

The Governor is coming for your guns.

Few of us thought it would happen in Virginia.

But Gov. Ralph “KKK Whitesheet” Northam has made it his central priority in 2020 to shred the Second Amendment — and destroy anyone who stands in his way.

Let’s start with Senate Bill 16 — which goes a long, long way toward outlawing civilian ownership of firearms.

In its broadest sense, SB 16:

  • Would ban every semi-automatic rifle with a fixed magazine with a capacity in excess of 10 rounds; and,
  • Would subject all other semi-automatic rifles to a “one-feature” test and would ban large swathes of handguns and other firearms.

What is a “one feature” test? If you were to own a semi-automatic rifle that takes a detachable magazine which contains just ONE additional feature — such as a folding or telescoping stock, a flash suppressor or muzzle brake, a barrel shroud or threaded barrel, or even a pistol grip that “protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the rifle” — then under SB 16, you will spend FIVE YEARS in jail!

SB 16 would also ban many handguns and shotguns. Reliable industry estimates say millions of semi-automatic firearms are currently in civilian hands in Virginia and could become immediately illegal if the bill passes, because the bill has no grandfather clause.

This bill is more radical than the Clinton-Feinstein ban of 1994, as well as, the bans on commonly-owned firearms in New York and California.

Anyone who possesses any one of the banned guns in SB 16 is an “Instant Felon” — subject to being sent to prison for at least five years — and perhaps much, much longer. You do not have to do anything with your gun.  Possessing it makes you a felon!

Furthermore, contrary to the Constitution’s Takings Clause, you would receive no compensation when the government outlawed and seized your property.

But how does the government find out where the millions of illegal guns are?  Well, Governor Whitesheet has a plan for that.

Another bill the Governor is supporting is SB 2, which is a Universal Background Check bill.

Under SB 2, virtually every gun purchase would have to be made through a dealer and evidenced by a Form 4473 — containing the name of the purchaser and the type of gun.

The ATF has been going around to dealers in connection with its annual inspection and recording the contents of these forms in a de facto national database.(1) Presto! A national gun registry of all semi-automatics!

And not only is your name in that registry, it’s hard to imagine that an agency which has no compunction in violating federal law would, in this digital age, refrain from sharing gun owners’ names with a Governor like “Blackface” Northam, who is looking for the names of Virginians owning “illegal” firearms.

This is one reason why GOA and VCDL are pushing so hard to get local counties to declare themselves as Second Amendment sanctuaries.(2) To date, 43 counties, cities or towns have declared themselves to be a safe haven for gun owners against Gov. Blackface.

Finally, “red flag” gun confiscation legislation (not yet released in the 2020 version) would give the police authority to obtain ex parte orders raid the homes of semi-auto owners — and ransack their houses upon speculative claims of a third party, not even a relative.

All of this sounds reminiscent of how other countries have implemented and enforced gun control — in Cuba, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, etc.

So please email both your state Delegate and Senator — and urge them to OPPOSE Gov. Blackface’s gun control agenda.


(1) Examples of ATF’s illegal gun registry can be seen here, here and here.

(2) Get involved with GOA’s on-the-ground efforts in the Commonwealth by contacting GOA’s Virginia Director John Crump. See GOA’s recent alert on sanctuary counties here. And go to VCDL’s webpage to get up-to-the-minute information on SASOs here in Virginia.