Umpqua Community College: A Gun Free Zone

ThinkProgress and other liberal, anti-gun internet outlets have mistakenly claimed that Umpqua was not a gun free zone.

Here is the problem with that claim: While the law prevents colleges and universities from prohibiting legal carry, college administration in Oregon simply circumvent the plain meaning of the law.

Hence, the Student Code of Conduct at Umpqua Community College says that the “possession or use, without written authorization, of firearms” can be “subject to disciplinary action.”

So has the administration at UCC has given “authorization” to students?

No. The President of UCC — Rita Cavin — told CBS News that Umpqua Community College has a “no guns” policy. Even the security guard at UCC was unarmed.

Therefore, while a concealed carrier at the UCC campus would not be violating state law, he or she would be violating school policy.

And according to Kevin Starrett of the Oregon Firearms Federation, it is common for faculty at Oregon colleges — when they find a student is armed — to “trespass the student off campus and threaten him or her with expulsion or suspension.”

Verdict: Umpqua Community College was and is, by rule of the administration, a gun free zone.