Suppressor Bill Needs Your Help in Texas

Call Your State Representative to Support Pro-Gun and Oppose Anti-Gun Bills

Please use GOA’s action center below to call your state representative. We have also provided a sample script to make the call easier. (If you’re uncomfortable giving your phone number, please use your area code followed by 7 random digits.)

There’s a tiny chance that our suppressor freedom bill, HB 2286, actually makes it to the House floor this week. But here’s the catch: first they’ll have to bring up HB 545 — the closest thing to a red flag bill that’s actually moving.

I need your help to motivate our legislators to uphold liberty and stop gun control.

Here’s the scoop.

The Good: HB 2286 by Rep. Oliverson would repeal the Texas ban on owning suppressors without the NFA tax stamp approval and would keep Texas from enforcing Federal anti-suppressor regulations. It has been put on the House Calendar for Wednesday, May 8 — that means it’s on the schedule for a House debate and vote.

See more about HB 2286 on my video or on this factsheet.

The Bad: The House must hear HB 2286 by midnight on Thursday, or it’s dead. (This is true for most House Bills, unless they qualify as “Local & Consent” or have a Senate companion bill that’s already moved forward.) The House has been running behind on their bills and many people are predicting they won’t get to Wednesday’s Calendar at all before Thursday at midnight. Of course, there’s always a chance — but it’s not likely.

The Ugly: If they do get to Wednesday’s Calendar, HB 545 is at the beginning of the agenda, before the suppressor bill. HB 545 purports to criminalize private sales to “mentally ill” people — but it lacks due process in determining who is mentally ill. It’s the closest thing we have to a red flag bill. It must NOT pass!

See more about HB 545 on my video or on this factsheet.

It’s very rare for a bill to come to the House floor and not pass.

So they’ve set us up here: either they don’t get to Wednesday’s Calendar (and our good bill dies) or they do (and their gun control bill passes). Or — worse — they get to the beginning of Wednesday’s Calendar, pass the bad bill, and stop before they get to the good bill.

We need to demand that our legislators vote NO on HB 545 and vote YES on HB 2286!

Don’t wait — this is urgent. Please use the action center above to call your State Representative. You’ll talk with a staff member or intern. Simply let them know that you are a constituent and you strongly OPPOSE HB 545 and SUPPORT HB 2286.

Thank you for helping me hold the line for liberty for us all!

For liberty,

Rachel Malone
Texas Director, Gun Owners of America