Thank or Spank Your Senators, as our Rights Barely Survive Disaster

The Senate Votes to Uphold the Filibuster … For Now!

After being bombarded with letters and phone calls from GOA activists like you, the Senate refused to cave to pressure from the White House to nuke the filibuster and allow for a federal takeover of U.S. elections.

Just like with a child, it’s important to reinforce a politician’s good behavior or punish their bad behavior immediately.

That’s why I’m asking you to add your name to our letter to either THANK or SPANK your Senators depending on how they voted.

Please add your name to our letter to your two Senators to THANK or SPANK them for how they voted on nuking the filibuster. (NOTE: our system will automatically determine how your Senators voted upon entering your address.)


If Biden and Kamala successfully get just ONE Democrat Senator to end the filibuster, this would open the door to:

1. Passing gun bans and registration, including Universal Background Checks
2. Overriding state election laws to allow for greater voter fraud
3. Packing the courts so that new judges will approve Biden’s gun control agenda

It’s like we are hanging on the edge of a cliff. It’s so very important that everyone reading this alert takes action.

While anti-gunners prefer to grab politicians’ attention by lighting cities on fire, we prefer the tried and true method of telling politicians that if they betray us, we’ll kick them out of office.

Politicians can see the writing on the wall…

…Polls show the Biden-Harris Administration is hitting new lows every day all while gun purchases keep rising.

That’s why we need to keep reminding the 50-50 Senate that choosing to side with the anti-gun Biden regime is the quickest way to write their political obituary.

Please add your name to our letter to your two Senators – NOTE: our system will be able to determine how your Senators voted.