[Calls Needed!!] Urge Gov. Abbott to Stand Firm on 2A!

Urge the Governor to Stand Firm for Second Amendment Rights!

Please Call Gov. Abbott immediately at (512) 463-2000 to oppose Gun Confiscation Orders and “Lock-Your-Safety” laws and to support repealing gun-free zones and Constitutional Carry! You can email here.

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Please Call Gov. Abbott Right Away!

Dear friend:

Governor Greg Abbott wraps up three days of round table discussions today on so-called “gun violence” — and the results so far are discouraging.

Gov. Abbott has long been a friend to gun owners, but the group he convened is heading down a very troubling path.

Instead of talking about broadening concealed carry for Texans, or repealing gun free zones, the discussions centered mostly on what levels of gun control would be acceptable.

For instance, the Governor indicated there was broad support for gun storage “lock-up-your-safety” regulations.

This has been a key part of the anti-gun agenda for many years. But locking up an unloaded firearm makes the gun useless in a self-defense emergency. Furthermore, such laws would hold a gun owner liable for the criminal misuse of a firearm.

Gun owners are the most safety-conscious segment of all society.

In fact, firearms accident rates have been falling for decades, even as gun ownership rates continue to rise.

Even more troubling, the roundtable group discussed the need for “red flag laws,” better known as Gun Confiscation Orders.

These Orwellian laws allow for a secret hearing in which you can be stripped of your gun rights without your knowledge — or even a chance to defend yourself.

You could be found “guilty” not based on the conviction of a crime or the standard of “beyond reasonable doubt.”

Rather, you would be stripped of your rights based on a subjective determination that you presented a “significant danger” to someone, including yourself.

In a time when gun owners are increasingly demonized on the nightly news, Gun Confiscation Orders are ripe for abuse.

Seem far-fetched? Such laws are becoming more common across the country, and you can imagine who ends up on the losing side.

In a study of Gun Confiscation Orders in Seattle, the court granted 28 of 29 applications.

A Massachusetts legislator stated, with respect to much-more-limited domestic violence ex parte orders (where only the accuser is represented) that the courts “don’t ask many questions.”

In other words, take the guns first, due process second.

As I said, Gov. Abbott has been a strong friend of the Second Amendment. But these discussions are far too one sided, being played out according to the terms of the anti-gun side of the debate.

That’s why I’m asking you to contact Governor Abbott. Urge him to stay strong in defense of our gun rights, so please take action right away.

After all, how many more mass public shootings in gun free zones need to occur before we get down to addressing the real issues at hand?

If the other side wants to join in a discussion, let’s talk about repealing gun free zones. We protect our money and our politicians with armed guards, but our children with “Gun Free Zones” signs.

And teachers with CHL’s are able to protect themselves almost anywhere, except when they go to work.

So please call Gov. Abbott immediately at (512) 463-2000 and follow-up your call with an email.

Urge Governor Abbott to take up measures that will truly make Texans safer and stronger by repealing gun free zones laws and passing Constitutional Carry.

In liberty,

Tim Macy
Gun Owners of America

PS: Please call Gov. Abbott at (512) 463-2000 to stand firm on the Second Amendment. But did you know that GOA is fighting for pro-gun measures across the country? Please consider chipping in $20, $30, or $50 to help GOA in the fight for our 2A rights.