‘Gun Gap’ Widens as Senate Race Tightens

GOA ‘A’ rated Ernst hangs on to narrow lead in polls

With the Senate race between Joni Ernst and Bruce Braley tightening to within one point, the differences between the two on Second Amendment rights is widening more than ever.

Braley, the Democrat candidate, recently attacked his Republican opponent for running a TV ad “where she was shooting a pistol into the camera, and saying ‘let me take aim at ObamaCare.’”alt

So what’s wrong with that? Well, says Braley who is “F” rated by Gun Owners of America, the ad “came out right before the tragic shooting in Santa Barbara.”

Um, excuse us? Did Braley really just try to link the two events? Oh, yes he did.

Never mind the fact that the ad was uploaded to YouTube weeks before the shooting … that it was uploaded by a candidate who is halfway across the country … and that the real reasons for the California shooter’s killing spree were well-documented in his 141-page manifesto — none of which mentioned Ernst’s ad.

Guy Benson, who is a TownHall.com columnist, had this to say about the crazy effort on Braley’s part to connect the shooting and Ernst’s ad:

Braley’s ghoulish effort to connect the two was as clumsy as it was nonsensical. A lighthearted political ad featuring an Iowa candidate shooting at the range had absolutely nothing to do with a deranged person’s murder spree in California.

But that’s not all.

Braley lies about connections to Bloomberg

Rep. Bruce Braley likes to vote against your Second Amendment rights, but then keep you in the dark about it.

When Braley was challenged on his anti-gun views, he tried to downplay his record and distance himself from the God-Father of Gun Control, the former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Braley said he’d never met the man, even though … wait for it … he attended a No Labels conference with him.

Not only that, Braley’s own press release had touted the fact that he attended the conference with Bloomberg.

To combat this damning evidence, Braley supporters claimed that Bloomberg hadn’t actually attended the event after all.

But the photographic evidence tells a different story:alt

Braley Strikes Out with gun owners

So to review the bidding: Braley is “F” rated by Gun Owners of America — that’s Strike One.

Then Braley tried to demonize gun owners by linking his opponent’s firing a gun to a deranged murderer half way across the country — that’s Strike Two.

Finally, Braley lied about his connections to the God-Father of Gun Control — that’s Strike Three.

ACTION: Thank Joni Ernst for standing strong in favor of your gun rights. She’s coming under attack for supporting the Second Amendment, so we don’t want her to feel like she’s standing alone in support of our gun rights.

So thank her for her commitment to the Constitution, and tell her that you are contacting her as a result of GOA’s alert!

Please urge your family and friends to do the same.

CONTACT by email: [email protected]

CONTACT by phone: 515-278-5613

—– Pre-written letter —-

Dear Mrs. Ernst:

Gun Owners of America tells me that you have an outstanding rating with them. So I want to thank you for your strong stance on Second Amendment rights, which is reflected in your “A” grade with GOA.

I also want you to know that I’m disgusted with Bruce Braley’s poor record on gun rights. Not only is he “F” rated by Gun Owners of America, he tried to demonize you for using a gun to “take aim” at ObamaCare, and he’s linked that ad of yours to a deranged murderer in California — half way across the country. That’s shameful!

Finally, Braley lied about his connections to Michael Bloomberg, who is truly the God-Father of Gun Control today.

So I want you to know that you are not alone, and that there are many Iowans like myself who stand with you in defending the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.