Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Gun Beats Stick Edition

Robbers who use clubs are very dangerous. Broken limbs and cracked skulls are nothing to play around with. And those who wield them often believe that they have to strike their victim to demonstrate their seriousness. In this case, the would-be robber made a mistake in the victim selection process. When choosing a hold-up victim Sunday evening, Bobby Dean Hall chose a CCW holder who drew his gun when threatened. Hall then beat feet, but the armed citizen was able to give a good description to the police, who quickly made an arrest . . .


 “I am extremely proud of the good police work that came into play,” Carden said. “They all did an outstanding job and they did it in a safe manner. I’m also extremely proud of the victim whom I spoke with today and thanked for his service.”

It is nice to see Sylacauga Police Chief Chris Carden praise the armed citizen for his service in making the community a safer place. Perhaps this is a trend that will continue. We have Sheriff Clark of Milwaukee County, in Wisconsin boosting armed victims who resist. And we can’t forget Chief Craig of Detroit.

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