Time to Give Constitutional Carry a Jolt in Texas!

Earlier, we alerted you to HB 195, a “constitutional carry” bill that allows all law-abiding citizens in the state to carry as a matter of right — without having to submit to any obnoxious background checks or waiting periods. 

The bill is stuck in committee, as is its Senate counterpart, SB 342.

While the push for open carry in Texas may be “sucking the air out of the room,” the bills authorizing permitless carry are just as important.

But the beauty of HB 195/SB 342 is that they would actually accomplish BOTH objectives — establishing constitutional carry for BOTH open and concealed carry.

We want to see these bills get sent to the Governor.  So it’s time to give these bills a jolt.


(1) Urge your state Representative and Senator to cosponsor and support HB 195 and SB 342.  By clicking on the link here, the proper legislators will be automatically selected, and you can send a pre-written letter to them.

(2) Call Senator Joan Huffman’s office at 512-463-0117 and ask her to bring up SB 342.  Sen. Huffman is the Committee Chairman of the State Affairs Committee. You can email her at [email protected]