Constitutional Carry is Moving in Colorado!

Good news!  

A “constitutional carry” bill (SB 15-032) that would allow all law-abiding citizens in the state to carry concealed — without having to submit to any obnoxious background checks or waiting periods — has passed out of the Senate!

The bill now goes to the House.

The concept of “constitutional carry” is simple:  An individual’s ability to exercise his or her Second Amendment rights shouldn’t depend on a “permit” from the government. 

You don’t need a government license to write a book.  So why should you have to get the government’s okay in order to carry a firearm to protect yourself and your family? 

Currently, Americans in Vermont, Alaska, Wyoming, Arizona, Arkansas, and most of Montana can carry a firearm without a government license.  Lest anyone fail to notice, these are not exactly high-crime areas as a result of their diligence for the constitutional rights of their citizens.  In fact, these are some of the safest places in America. 

Senate Bill 15-032 would add Colorado to that illustrious list of Constitution-loving states. 

Make no mistake about it.  Under SB 15-032, if a criminal carried a gun in connection with a crime, he has committed a crime and is going to prison. 

But that’s just the point:  If law enforcement is allowed to focus on the “bad guys,” rather than the enforcement of silly counter-productive, unconstitutional nitpicking, crime will go down. 

Crime will also go down if criminals have to consider the possibility that their victims could be armed and could shoot back. It’s no surprise that the “dog that didn’t bark” — the mass murders that were planned but never occurred — happened in places like the Appalachian School of Law or Pearl High School in Mississippi.  In these places, citizens with guns stopped horrific crimes. 

Colorado could soon join the list of states where people are allowed to exercise their constitutional rights to protect themselves without asking “May I?” from the government.

ACTION: Please urge your state Representative to support SB 15-032.  By clicking on the link here, your state Representative will be automatically selected, and you can send a pre-written letter to him or her.