State support for permitless carry bill disappoints El Paso-area superintendent

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, TX

There could soon be an historic vote in the Texas Senate on a bill that seeks to allow the permitless carry of handguns. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said he is optimistic he will get enough votes. Patrick’s statements on a conservative radio show come as the Senate Committee on Constitutional Issues passed the bill Thursday on a party-line vote.

“We are moving with all deliberated speed on this bill now, because now more than ever, Texans want to make sure that their Second Amendment rights are not only protected, but restored,” said Sen. Charles Schwertner, R-Bryan.

All five Senate Republicans on the recently formed committee supported the bill, which disappoints many who hoped after several mass shootings in Texas that the state would do more to increase safety…

Felisha Bull, Texas deputy director for Gun Owners of America, told Spectrum News 1 she has been busy working with new gun rights activists on getting acquainted with testifying at the Legislature.

“People have been making their points known with their wallet over the past 18 months, you know, we’ve seen firearms and ammunition flying off the shelves. This is obviously something that they are passionate about,” Bull said. “We have people who have never been to the Capitol before who have contacted us saying, ‘Hey, I want to show up and have my voice heard. How do I do this?’ And that’s really inspiring.”…

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