9/99 Needed: Government Control, Not Gun Control

Needed: Government Control, Not Gun Control
(September 8, 1999) Gun Owners of America
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Dear Representative:

The most pressing issue awaiting your attention as you return from the August recess is not gun control, it is government control.

The Waco cover up is unraveling, revealing one lie after another.

The FBI denied use of incendiary devices the day the fire killed 86 Davidians in 1993. Two have now been admitted to, but many more have turned up in the evidence room maintained by the Texas Rangers. Delta Force soldiers (who were present at Waco with White House authorization) may have been part of the final assault on the Davidian building; and the FBI has yet to explain who was firing machine guns into the burning building toward the end of the raid, as was reported in The Washington Post.

For six years there was silence on these questions. Now the Davidians’ wrongful death suit is dredging up long-hidden evidence. You cannot rely on the FBI to tell the truth. Would you trust the fox to tell you about the condition of the hens in the chicken coup?

This is why gun owners oppose the FBI developing a registry of gun buyers as part of the Brady instant check. This is the same FBI that maintained files on over 1,000 Americans whose personal information was turned over to the Clinton White House and whose crime lab has fallen into disrepute.

Congress should be repealing the instant check, which gives the FBI the power to build a database of gun buyers who have broken no law. This is certainly no time to be giving the FBI even more power to intrude on people’s lives. At a minimum, please leave private buyers and sellers out of this invasion of privacy by a government that also wants to know how much money we put in and out of our bank accounts and what we say on our phone calls and e-mail communications.

Government has gone too far. Please reign it in.

We don’t need gun control, we need government control. Please oppose the juvenile injustice bill (S. 254).


Larry Pratt
Executive Director