9/99 Gun Control Kills Innocent Americans

Gun Control Kills Innocent Americans
(September 10, 1999)
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Dear Senator:

I know there’s been a lot said recently about Waco. But one thing that has been generally neglected is something that the author of the enclosed article has picked up.

In Jacob Sullum’s words:

    It is still hard to believe the justification for the initial BATF raid that set the stage for this debacle [in Waco] was the suspicion that residents of Mount Carmel had illegally converted semiautomatic weapons into machine guns. For this victimless crime by a few of their members, scores of Davidians ultimately died. (Emphasis added.)

That is very profound. It is also reminiscent of Ruby Ridge, Idaho, where a wife and child died, simply because the father had cut-off the barrels of two shotguns about a 1/4 inch too short — another purely victimless crime.

In fact, it was a victimless “crime” of which the father, Randy Weaver, was later acquitted — the jury ruling that Weaver had been entrapped. Unfortunately, while Weaver did get his freedom back, he won’t get his wife or child back.

Please don’t support any more gun control. Say “NO” to the juvenile crime bill. We’ve lost enough innocent lives already.


Larry Pratt
Executive Director