7/99 Two Competing Visions of Juvenile Justice Reform

Gun Owners of America
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July 27, 1999      

Dear Senator:

Wednesday morning at 9:45, you will cast a cloture vote that will force you to choose between two competing visions of juvenile justice reform. We would urge you to stand up for decency, morality, and discipline in our nation’s schools — AND TO VOTE AGAINST CLOTURE.

ON ONE HAND, H.R. 1501, THE HOUSE BILL: H.R. 1501 would reaffirm the role of the Ten Commandments and voluntary school prayer. It would prohibit the release of dangerous criminals merely because of prison overcrowding. It would recognize the role of media violence and satanic music in creating tragedies such as the one at Columbine.

ON THE OTHER HAND, THE SUBSTITUTE: This will be remembered as the “Frank Lautenberg gun control bill.” Its primary impact would be to eliminate gun shows, which it would do by sentencing gun show promoters to two years in jail if they failed to notify EVERY gun show attendee of their responsibilities under the Brady Law.

Because the substitute is a complete substitute, it would completely wipe out the House bill as far as the Senate’s position is concerned. Therefore, you will have to choose between these two competing visions of America:

You can choose the Ten Commandments and voluntary prayer and thereby make a statement for morality in America’s schools — or you can choose gun control.

You can choose a balanced approach which considers the role of media violence and lack of school discipline in tragedies such as Columbine — or you can choose gun control.

You can choose to crack down on the release of dangerous prisoners on the basis of prison conditions — or you can choose gun control.

You can send H.R. 1501 directly to the Oval Office for signature — or you can choose gun control.

We would urge you, in the strongest terms, to cast your vote in favor of morality, school discipline, and the Bill of Rights — and VOTE AGAINST CLOTURE ON THE SUBSTITUTE.


Larry Pratt      
Executive Director