5/99 Vote “NO” on Final Passage of H.R. 2122

Vote “NO” on Final Passage of H.R. 2122

Gun Owners of America
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  Hyde, if Dingell is adopted * Hyde, without Dingell McCarthy
Bans private sales at gun shows unless buyer submits to background check YES YES YES
Could easily lead to gun owner registration** YES YES YES
Allows gun show promoters to be imprisoned for two years for failure to notify EVERY attendee of his legal requirements NO NO YES
Allows unlimited BATF ability to regulate and conduct harassing inspections of gun shows YES YES YES

* While the Dingell amendment is a slight improvement over the Hyde provision, it will still leave many of the 2nd Amendment restrictions that are in the Hyde amendment.

For this reason, GOA will rate a vote in favor of H.R. 2122 as an ANTI-GUN VOTE.

** Forcing gun buyers to send their names to the government always presents the opportunity for keeping (or registering) those gun buyers’ names. According to government studies from 1989 onwards, any background check can lead to registration, despite legal prohibitions and despite requirements that such records be immediately destroyed.