Slide Fire Shutting Down Websites and Orders May 20th, 2018

Ever since the Las Vegas shooting where Steven Paddock fire down on a crowd from a room at the Mandalay Bay killing 59 people attending a country music concert people have been pushing for a bump stock bans. Paddock had several AR-15s with the device installed.

Efforts in Congress have stalled to ban the product, but several states have enacted local bans of the device. Jeff Sessions has directed the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco to look into the bump stocks to see if they violate the NFA.

According to Rick Vasquez who was a senior analyst in the ATF technology branch, the device doesn’t violate the NFA. Rick Vasquez wrote the original decision.

The Justice Department with Trump’s approval “would define ‘machine gun’ to include bump-stock-type devices under federal law – effectively banning them,” Jeff Sessions said in a statement.

By using regulation, the ATF is sidestepping the legislative branch of the federal government. Gun rights advocates worry that this could be a slippery slope that could be used in the future to ban anything without congressional approval. They also fear that the new regulation can be used to ban things such as match triggers since they speed up the rate of fire of a rifle. …

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Gun owner groups are speaking out about Slide Fire decision including Gun Owners of America.

“It’s sad, but not surprising, that Slide Fire is closing its doors. What should surprise gun owners is that it was a Republican administration that put a gun parts maker out of business — especially since the Obama administration had refused to take such a course of action on several occasions,” said Executive Director of Gun Owners of America (GOA) Erich Pratt. “But then again, there has been so much misinformation on bump stocks. Even the news surrounding Slide Fire’s closing has consistently misconstrued bump stocks as items that can convert a semi-automatic into a machine gun. That’s just not the case.”

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