3/02/00 Clinton Lies Again

Clinton Lies Again

For Immediate Release
March 2, 2000
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President Clinton today, speaking from the White House, said “That child would be alive today if that gun had had a child trigger lock on it.”

“That is a lie,” said Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America.

“The President would have us believe that a trigger lock would have been used in a crack house full of dope and stolen guns. This is the lie the President and those who advocate civilian disarmament want to put over on the country. In the real world, criminals do not obey laws — not even gun laws.

“The problem in America is not how to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Guns will get into the wrong hands no matter what laws are passed. England licensed and registered gun owners, then confiscated their guns. Now gun crimes are rising in England. Why? Because English criminals have an estimated 3,000,000 guns at their disposal. And their victims have none.

“Americans should reject the call for unilateral civilian disarmament. It will be as deadly here as it has been every place else it has been imposed,” said Pratt.