1/28/00 Clinton Speeds Up March For Gun Confiscation

Clinton Speeds Up March for Gun Confiscation
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January 28, 2000

“President Clinton’s State of the Union message would have brought an admiring smile to the face of King George III. The British tyrant was so eager to confiscate American guns that he fired on law-abiding colonists in Lexington on the historic morning of April 19, 1775,” said Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt.

“Clinton is moving slower than the impulsive King George, but more surely. King George never knew where all of our guns were. Bill Clinton will if he gets his way by licensing handgun, and eventually all gun, owners.

“Registration of gun buyers is already occurring under the Brady Instant Check. The goal of licensing is to find out where all the rest of the gun owners are.

“Clinton’s proposed expansion of the BATF (500 new agents) and Department of Justice (1000 new prosecutors) will only aggravate and harass constitutionally protected gun owners while driving dealers out of business. Gun owners will be under increased pressure from Clinton’s overbearing bureaucracy, the goal being to frighten owners into giving up their guns.

“Clinton wants Americans to be more afraid of their government than of the criminals on the street. We do not need more enforcement of unconstitutional gun laws. We need to encourage Americans to bear arms while calling for punishment that fits the crime committed by violent criminals. This is a matter of state, not federal, jurisdiction.

“Clinton has insulted every gun owner in the country by implying that they are too crime prone and too accident prone to be trusted with firearms without Big Brother in control of the people’s firearms. Clinton cares little for the jeopardy in which he will be placing the 2.5 million Americans who use a gun in self defense every year.

“When George III went after Americans’ guns it was an act of rebellion. Clinton’s declaration announces his intention to also rebel against the law he is bound to uphold — the Constitution,” Pratt concluded.