Pizza Deliveryman Who Shot Back Credits ‘The Gun on [His] Hip’

Pizza Deliveryman Who Shot Back Credits ‘The Gun on [His] Hip’

The pizza deliveryman who shot back after being ambushed Monday night credits “the gun on [his] hip” with keeping the situation from getting even worse.

Breitbart News previously reported that the deliveryman was shot twice in southwest Philadelphia after being ambushed but was able to pull his own gun and return fire, ending the attack. The deliveryman was given the address of a vacant home and was attacked by men who flanked him from adjacent homes as he waited for an answer at the front door.

ABC 6 identified the deliveryman as 36-year-old Keyveat Fredericks, a father of eight.

Fredericks said, “When I turned, the gun was in my face. He came out of nowhere.” He added, “I smacked his gun. Ran around my vehicle. I had dropped the pizzas. I heard one shot. I felt it hit me. I can tell you I felt it go through my arm. I heard it literally hit my gun that was on my side on my holster and I felt it go inside of me.”

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