Petition to Gov. Rick Scott

The Battle for Self-Defense

The state of Florida is ground zero in the battle to protect your right to defend yourself with a firearm inside of and outside of your home.

Florida Governor Rick Scott established a “task force” to look at the state’s Stand Your Ground law in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting, even though all the facts of the case are not yet known.

The anti-gun voices within the taskforce are certain to call at least for a repeal of the Stand Your Ground law, the Castle Doctrine law, and maybe even the state’s concealed carry law.

Billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York is leading the charge to repeal pro-Second Amendment laws of the Sunshine State.  He knows if he’s successful in Florida, he can then go to work dismantling Second Amendment rights in other states as well.

The time to fight back is now, and the place is Florida.  GOA is leading that effort by petitioning Gov. Rick Scott to reject efforts to repeal the state’s pro-self-defense laws and to stand firmly in support of the Second Amendment.

Even if you don’t live in Florida, please sign the petition below.  If we can hold off the attacks on our gun rights there, we may avert battles in other states.

Petition to Florida Governor Rick Scott

WHEREAS anti-gun New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has called for a repeal of Florida’s pro-gun Stand Your Ground law;

WHEREAS the New York Times – always willing to jump on anti­-gun causes – has demanded that the Florida “Stand Your Ground law should be [put] on trial…”

WHEREAS anti-gun zealots would take us back to the “bad ol’ days” in 2003 — when a 78 year-old man was taken through the wringer by the legal system because he shot a man breaking into his trailer – and a 71 year-old-man was almost destroyed by the legal system because he used a gun to defend his 63 year-old friend against thugs who were trying to rob him;

WHEREAS in the four years for which we have statistics since the Stand Your Ground law was passed in Florida, homicides have dropped by 16.1%;

WHEREAS this is faster than the national average;

WHEREAS this means that many – perhaps hundreds – of Floridians are alive today because criminals have had to pause before robbing or killing them;

WHEREAS in most cases, criminals have had to pause not because a victim pulled a gun, but because the killer didn’t know whether or not the victim had a gun;

WHEREAS Florida will be the test case to see whether anti-gunners can use the threats of riots and lynchings to force repeal of America’s pro-gun laws;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we call upon Florida Governor Scott to reject efforts to repeal Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

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