Impeach Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto

Urge your State Representative to Co-Sponsor Impeachment Resolution!

Take Action below to EMAIL your State Representative and urge him to co-sponsor Mayor Peduto’s Impeachment Resolution!

Urge your State Representative to Co-sponsor the Impeachment Resolution for Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto

Your emails to your State Representatives are working!

Representative Daryl Metcalfe’s  resolution to impeach Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto is picking up co-sponsors, but you need to keep up the pressure.

Importantly, due to your efforts, the Republican leadership is back-peddling from earlier statements that they would not support Peduto’s impeachment.

Recall that on April 9, 2019, Pittsburgh Mayor William “Bill” Peduto signed three gun control ordinances into law in clear violation of the Constitution of the Commonwealth and the state firearms preemption law.

So please take action and urge your state representative to co-sponsor Representative Metcalfe’s impeachment resolution for Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto!

And keep up the pressure on Republican House Speaker, Mike Turzai, by calling 717-772-9943 and demanding that the Republican leadership back Mayor Peduto’s impeachment.

NOTE: To call the speaker, the contact form will ask for your phone number. But you can simply use your area code followed by 7 random digits.