PA: House Republican Leadership Stalling on Preemption Bill

House Speaker Turzai and Majority Leader Cutler

UPDATE on HB 1066!

The Pennsylvania House Republican leadership needs to act immediately to strengthen firearms preemption in Pennsylvania.

HB 1066 is on the Tabled Bill Calendar for Monday, December 9th.

I need your help to get HB 1066 removed from the table and voted upon during the December session.

Please send a message to House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-28) and Majority Leader Bryan Cutler (R-100) urging them to remove HB 1066 from the table and have a roll call vote during the December session.

As you know, the Pittsburgh Mayor and City Council violated Pennsylvania’s firearms preemption law by passing three illegal gun control ordinances in April of 2019.

And just a few weeks ago, Philadelphia violated the firearms preemption law again by passing a red flag gun confiscation ordinance.

HB 1066 provides law-abiding citizens the ability to recover damages, reasonable attorney fees, and costs if a court finds that a local ordinance violates the state firearms preemption law (Title 18 §6120).

Not only that, but the bill allows membership organizations, like GOA, to sue on your behalf.

But House Republican leadership continues to ignore your emails and phone calls by not acting on HB 1066.

So, please contact the House Speaker and Majority Leader and demand they remove HB 1066 from the table and pass it during the December session (see above).