Son Saves 80-Year-Old Woman From Rabid Bobcat

Son Saves 80-Year-Old Woman From Rabid Bobcat

80-year-old Elsie Dabrowski went about her night as she normally does. As stated by Valley News, she penned up her chicken and then went to weed her rose bush. The rabid bobcat then decided to attack, biting her cheek and causing deep lacerations on her arms and back.. The bobcat was later determined to be rabid.

Fortunately, her son lived on the same property, roughly 100 yards away. When he heard the dogs making a strange noise, he went to investigate with a shotgun. (I’m  glad I’m not the only one who does that sort of investigation).

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He found Elsie climbing back to her porch covered in blood. She had managed to fight of the bobcat with the sickle. The dogs came to her aid and forced the bobcat under the chicken coop. Her son Gene then shot it with his shotgun.

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