ATF retirement highlights questionable assignments under Jones, source claims

The ATF supervisor, who oversaw the “Operation Fearless” Milwaukee storefront fiasco before being transferred to Phoenix is retiring, the Journal Sentinel reported Tuesday. Bernard “B.J.” Zapor opted to leave the bureau rather than accept reassignment to head the Newark office, the story reports.

That’s the culmination of a series of “musical chairs” personnel moves involving Zapor that, per a whistleblower source, have been unwarranted, needlessly expensive, and ultimately, politically protective of management.

Less than a year ago, Zapor, who had been “serving as Deputy Assistant Director, Field Operations — Central, with oversight of the Special Operations Division and ATF Field Divisions in 14 States” before the Milwaukee fiasco was exposed, was then reassigned to head the Phoenix Field Division, the office that oversaw Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking.” That in turn elicited a sharp reaction from Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley.