Kasich Signs GOA-Backed Bill Legalizing Campus Carry

Governor Kasich Signs GOA-Backed Bill Legalizing Campus Carry in Wake of Ohio State Car, Knife Attack

On Monday Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) signed Senate Bill 199, thereby legalizing concealed carry on college and university campuses where school trustees vote to allow it.

[Gun Owners of America mobilized its members and activists in Ohio to contact Gov. Kasich and to urge him to sign the bill. You can read GOA’s alert here.]  

SB 199 also removes a state ban on concealed carry in the public areas of airports and on carrying guns for self-defense at daycares. The status of concealed carry at daycares is now in the hands of individual business owners, who can decide whether to allow concealed carry at their respective businesses.

Cleveland.com reports that SB 199 “also prohibits employers from banning concealed handgun permit holders from bringing guns into company parking lot.” The various aspects of the new law take “effect in 90 days.”

Breitbart News previously reported that Ohio lawmakers responded to the November 28 Ohio State University car and knife attack by placing campus carry language in SB 199, then passing the bill by large margins. Buckeye Firearms Association reported that the legislation passed in the House by a vote of 68-25 and in the Senate by a vote 22-8.

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