David Exposes Golaith

When I was in school, I was taught that newspaper reporters and editors were wise and learned individuals to be respected.  They were experts at the use of the English language and generally unbiased and unemotional in their reporting of the news.

Today, thanks to the “new” media, we better understand how biased the major media is in its reporting of news. We’ve heard of the disgraceful work of Jayson Blair at the New York Times.  “All the news that’s fit to print,” trumpets the Times everyday in the little box on the front page.  Looking back, I guess that includes the news that Blair fabricated. Nevertheless, I still believed editors, in particular were somehow more intelligent and above the fray.  Little did I know that an everyday working guy like me would soon discover the raw anger and juvenile intellect of an editor of a major metropolitan newspaper.

Here’s how it unfolded.  A couple of weeks ago I read an ugly story by a Chicago Tribune editor, Mr. Charles Madigan, that lamented how he had to pry his mother’s personal defense handgun from her cold, dead hands as she refused to let him take it while she was alive.  I was appalled.  This author implied that his own mother was a stupid old woman, devoid of common sense, who stubbornly maintained her foolish view that a personal defense gun that fit her hands would protect her from hooligans who might look upon her as an easy mark.

I wrote him a very nice note, not expecting much in reply, but keenly aware that if I wrote like a rube, my words might be used to by this big-city newspaperman to paint gun owners with the old “they are just stupid rednecks” brush.

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