Gun group urges Ryan to confront Biden on Fast and Furious

The national right to keep and bear arms advocacy group, Gun Owners of America, urged its members and supporters today to ask Rep. Paul Ryan “to bring up Fast & Furious in the debate this Thursday with [Vice President] Joe Biden.

“Just recently, Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan – ‘A’ rated by Gun Owners of America — became the 131st Representative to call for Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation,” the alert reports.

“This is a unique opportunity for him to show how the administration will use diabolical methods to advance its gun control agenda,” GOA explains, providing a link to the Romney campaign website contact page and a sample letter supporters can use.

“You are in a unique position where you can bypass the mainstream media and tell Americans how the Obama administration wanted to use dead Mexican bodies as a way to drudge up support for gun control in this country,” the letter reminds Ryan.

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