Gov Walker signs bills to enhance Student Safety and expand exercise of gun rights

On June 24 Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) signed a bill allowing off-duty law enforcement to carry concealed guns into schools and a second bill abolishing the 48-hour waiting period for firearm purchases.

On June 10 Breitbart News reported the Wisconsin legislature had passed legislation to abolish the 48-hour wait period. We noted that Walker’s spokeswoman, Laurel Patrick, indicated the Governor supported the move and favored laws which “make it easier for law-abiding citizens to access firearms and difficult for criminals to obtain illegal firearms.”

The importance of ending the waiting period was made evident through tragedy a week prior in Berlin Township, New Jersey. There, Carol Bowne’s former boyfriend allegedly stabbed her to death while she was waiting on state’s permission to purchase a gun for self-defense. Although New Jersey residents are required to wait much longer than 48 hours before getting a gun, the principle is the same–time spent waiting is time in which the vulnerable become more vulnerable.

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