Maine Gov. Signs Bill Prohibiting Gun Bans in Public Housing

On Tuesday Maine Governor Paul LePage signed legislation prohibiting public housing landlords from denying the Second Amendment rights of their tenants.

The legislation –“An Act To Ensure Nondiscrimination against Gun Owners in Public Housing” (LD 1572) — was introduced after 67-year-old Rockland, Maine resident Harvey Lembo bought a gun on August 31, 2015 and used it when someone allegedly broke into his apartment to steal his painkillers.

Breitbart News reported that the company managing Lembo’s apartment informed him he would have to get rid of the gun or move out of the apartment. But Lembo’s apartment complex is categorized as Section 8 housing, which means they receive public funding. So Maine state senator Andre Cushing III (R-Hampden) stepped in and introduced LD 1572, explaining that landlords who receive “public money” are not allowed to pick and choose which Constitutional rights their tenants can exercise.

Cushing’s legislation passed and Governor LePage signed it into law on April 12.

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