Facing Firm Opposition, Obama Renews Assault on Gun Rights

As lawmakers face overwhelming pressure from constituents to uphold the Second Amendment and beat back what even some Democrats have called the “extreme” Obama administration-led assault on gun rights, the White House and its allies are pushing hard to shore up dwindling support. Despite the firm backing of radical groups like the Brady Campaign as well as billionaire anti-freedom zealot and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, however, lawmakers are largely still standing up against the vicious assault on citizens’ rights.

Speaking weeks before the Senate is expected to vote on a range of bills infringing on the unalienable right of Americans to keep and bear arms, Obama relied almost exclusively on half-baked emotional appeals rather than facts to push his controversial agenda. Mentioning last year’s Newtown massacre over a half-dozen times in his short speech — and continually harping on children murdered mostly in so-called “gun free zones” — the president sounded increasingly desperate as he begged lawmakers and the public to advance his unconstitutional assault on the Second Amendment.


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