Your Activism is having an Impact, but it’s no Time to Let Up!

Take time this Good Friday to give thanks for His many blessings


Take time this Good Friday to give thanks for His many blessings

“It now should be clear who is winning – indeed, who has won – the latest skirmish in the gun control wars.” – Roll Call, March 28, 2013

Just a couple of months ago, many in our nation’s capital thought that new gun control restrictions were inevitable.
But now, here we are at the end of March, and the gun grabbers are dispirited and in retreat:
* Roll Call newspaper said yesterday that gun control supporters are “poised to fail, yet again, in their efforts to pass significant new legislation.”
* Senator Dianne Feinstein said she is “disappointed” that her gun ban is no longer part of the base bill that is going to the Senate floor. “I tried my best,” she said last week, “but my best, I guess, wasn’t good enough.”
* Anti-gun Mayor Michael Bloomberg admitted he’s “frustrated” that Congress has not taken action on gun control he supports. So much so, he is now taking matters into his own hands by spending $12 million of his own money to run ads in various states.
But bad news for Bloomberg: the Roll Call newspaper reported on Tuesday there are signs “that Bloomberg’s lobbying campaign may not change minds in the next two weeks, even for the senators who are being specifically targeted.”
* ABC News pundit Terry Moran lamented this week that, “The only votes that have really been taken since Newtown have weakened gun control.” This was a reference to the Lee and Inhofe amendments that GOA alerted you to earlier this week.

While only the Inhofe anti-UN amendment passed, the Lee amendment – to immensely raise the bar for passing gun control to a 2/3 vote in the Senate – did muster a majority.
* And more groaning could be heard from the chief gun grabber in the Senate – Chuck Schumer of New York – who said, earlier this month, how “it’s sad” that all his efforts to lure a pro-gun Senator into supporting a “compromise” on background checks have resulted in failure thus far.
It is clear that we have had a lot of help. And to be sure, your activism is having an impact! No one on the Left thought that by the end of March, their forces would be in full retreat.
But it’s certainly no time to let up! We can still be stabbed in the back by other gun groups or “honorable” legislators. So we need to stay alert – just like the Minute Men of old — being ready to fire off messages to our legislators in a moment’s notice.
Having said that, it’s encouraging to step back and consider where we are right now. No one in the Senate (including Democrats) thinks the Feinstein gun ban can pass. Senator Schumer has given up hope that the Universal Gun Registry can muster a majority. And the Lee amendment (mentioned above) shows how a filibuster could very well keep ALL gun control from coming to the floor.
In regard to that filibuster threat, we are very thankful to Republican Senators Rand Paul (KY), Ted Cruz (TX) and Mike Lee (UT) for taking the lead on this effort.
Again, GOA wants to thank you, our activists, for taking action on our alerts … for gifting GOA memberships to your friends and family, thereby increasing the number of ground troops that we have in this fight … for “liking” GOA on Facebook, thus exposing our message to even more of your acquaintances … for contributing to GOA’s campaign, allowing us to wage the battle against background checks and other gun control the way GOA’s Erich Pratt did earlier this week at the end of his debate on the Lou Dobbs show … and for much, much more.
So as much of the country celebrates Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday this weekend, the GOA staff wants to wish you a Happy Holiday … and to be ready to get back to work next week to fight any potential compromises that may be in the works!