‘Tiny Terrorists’ Caught Up in Anti-Gun Hysteria

A cursory exposure to the media post-Newtown might be alarming, even horrifying. Such non-inquisitive exposure could easily convince the unwary that an unprecedented number of kids are imminent school shooters. Thankfully, reading past sensational headlines, it’s easy to see that isn’t the issue. The question is yet another factor in the current gun-control debate: mental health. Specifically: have school authorities gone irredeemably mad?

As a teacher of high school English — and a firearms instructor — I have a dog in this fight. I often defend the public schools against unfair criticism, observing that most teachers are quiet professionals who do not indoctrinate their students with progressive propaganda. But what appears to be a nationwide epidemic of politically correct lunacy apparently sparked by the Newtown murders and egged on by President Obama’s anti-gun road show, and by his congressional fellow travelers, is running riot. These are just a few of the more recent incidents:

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