Should Politicians Who Support Gun Control Be Provided Armed Guards?

Barack Obama is spending his final year in office with a keen focus on undermining the Second Amendment as much as his office allows.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley, the three progressives hoping to secure the Democrat presidential nomination, have all made it very clear that they intend to make pushing gun control a key part of the platforms.

Governors in a number of states, such as Andrew Cuomo in New York, Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, and Dannel Malloy in Connecticut have made it a point to try to heavily restrict the gun rights of their citizens, with varying degrees of success.

And of course, there have been a large number of anti-gun Democrats in the House of Representatives and the Senate on the federal level and in legislatures on state level that demand even more aggressive attacks on the right to bear arms.

At the same time they are calling for infringements on the Second Amendment (as per-capita homicides and gun accidents hit record lows), the vast majority of these politicians are hypocritically receiving publicly-funded armed security to protect their lives. Should these public servants, so intent on disarming the citizenry and stripping their constituents of practical self defense, be allowed security armed with the same firearms they would take away from constituents?

Or should they be restricted to security armed with less-lethal means such as tasers and chemical sprays, forced to live as they would have those they represent live?

Politicians are not a special class in the United States, as much as they would like to believe that they are. Those politicians who want to gut the Second Amendment rights of their citizens simply should not be afforded protections they would deny others.

I’d like to see lawmakers nationwide who value the Constitution do their part to make these anti-liberty politicians play by the rules they would impose on others, and vote to defund the armed security details of anti-gun politicians.

Somehow, I suspect that the views of these politicians might change if they have to live under the same rules they wound spitefully impose upon others.

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