Chris Christie Discusses his Plan

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie defended his stance on banning guns from those on the terror watch list and argued that the majority of Americans agree with him.

“I signed the bill that banned guns from people on the terror watch list,” Christie said during an interview on Fox News Sunday morning. “As president, I would make sure the terror watch list was actually accurate, but I think most Americans believe if you’re on the terror watch list, you shouldn’t be able to buy guns.”

Christie also told Fox News’ Chris Wallace that he has not changed his stance on gun control since campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination and listed laws that he has vetoed while governing the Garden State that would have enforced stricter gun control and bans.

“The approach I’m going to take is to protect Second Amendment rights but also make sure to make decisions that are in the best interest of the people of New Jersey,” Christie said. “I think that’s what people in the United States want, and that’s the kind of president that I’m going to be.”

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