Why Jews Hate Guns: Are they right? And who are The Shomrim?

Note from Elias Alias:

I am posting the article by Rabbi Dovid Bendory in full, but first, I wish to share some subtle things about Aaron Zelman, founder of Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO). While Aaron was yet alive, he would often call me on the telephone for a casual, slow-paced and cordial visit about “things in general”. We mostly discussed strategies for combating the vast ignorance of the public mind, which Bernays dubbed “the group mind”. (Whatever one calls it, I refer to the collective consciousness of the American society – which Aaron and I both viewed to be heavily branded by Feducated memes, five-second sound bites, and Govlish mindsets.) I always enjoyed and appreciated Aaron’s calls. We became friends.

Although we shared a good-natured humor, as two soldiers might laugh together in their bunker to negate fears of a coming slaughter, he carried a lament with him always. He lamented that his own people, the Jewish people, were unconsciously biased against self-defense, at least at the “group mind” level.  Aaron and I both found that to be an amazing irony. His lament was that the Jews in general had totally failed to recognize the grave lessons carried forth from history’s accounting of Nazi Germany in the mid-Twentieth Century. Hitler had first registered guns, then Hitler confiscated guns, and then Hitler massacred millions of helpless, defenseless Jews and other sorts of people under the Third Reich.

What gave Aaron hope was the voluntary relationships with other Jews who shared his understanding of the importance of any society remaining armed and capable of defending themselves against government-sponsored tyranny. I, myself, here in Montana, work daily with liberty-conscious Jews who are avid Second Amendment advocates and who also advocate for the re-establishment of the Constitutional militia at the County level in the several States.

In late April, 2012, I received an email from James Jaeger of Matrixx Entertainment, a politico-philosophical movie company which specializes in creating wonderful documentaries centered on Constitutional revelations and

issues.  James Jaeger was going on about one of Aaron Zelman’s films, “Innocents Betrayed“. He wrote that every American must see that film. The film deals with Twentieth Century gun confiscation by governments, which invariably followed gun registration. The film lists the many millions of people who were killed by governments across the Twentieth Century (that figure is too staggering to print here, as it would seem unbelievable to most readers) after their respective populations had been disarmed by government decree.

The article below is sponsored by JPFO via Rabbi Dovid Bendory. The article is not “anti-Jewish”, but rather is a wake-up call for all Jews who have forgotten their past history. The message in the article is good for all Americans of any ethnicity, any race, any religious belief.  It goes to the heart of life in America, to the heart of our culture as a country, and to the nature of our individuality as unique and sovereign human beings. That is the stuff of a unique and sovereign United States of America. Oath Keepers wishes to thank JPFO for making this available for our readers.


Why Jews Hate Guns

Are they right?



And who are The Shomrim?

by Rabbi Dovid Bendory ,Rabbinic Director



and Author Alan Korwin , GunLaws.com


This white paper is also available as a PDF file


It’s no secret that one of the largest blocs of people pressing for so-called “gun control” is the culturally (aka not-so-religious) American Jewish community. This confounds many observers who would expect that Jews, with such a stunning history of oppression and murder by humanity’s villains, would cling tenaciously to personal firearms and the ability to protect themselves as the Hebrew Scriptures instruct.

In reaction to the Holocaust, American Jews adopted the phrase “Never Again!” If actions mean anything, they don’t believe it. That’s for someone else to do. How do Jews expect to put teeth behind the words “Never Again!” if not with the ability to apply and project personal force when righteous — and necessary — for survival?

Read entire article, with embedded youtube video: “Innocents Betrayed” by Aaron Zelman, at Oath Keepers

http://oathkeepers.org/oath/2012/05/11/jpfo-white-paper-why-jews-hate-guns/. (Inactive link)