6/07 Guns: Turn ’em In, Officials

Guns: Turn ’em In, Officials
John Longenecker

Senator Dianne Feinstein said, “Turn ’em in, America,” a very unpatriotic command nobody has to obey because it was against the law. She might as well have urged Americans to purchase other Americans while it’s against the law to own another person in this country. As civil rights, both are absolute, and for good reason. Who in her right mind could urge Americans to surrender a civil right? Indeed, even just a little? Could any reason be good enough?

With all the school shootings recently, be sure to include citizens in the critique and recovery process. Officials — armed officials, by the way — have a very bad record of freezing constituents out of the planning and recovery process. Meanwhile, let us not forget that some campus administrators are getting it, as in South Carolina and Utah. Praise to you and your patriotic values in recognizing citizen authority. Praise. What do they know others refuse to hear? They know that citizen authority isn’t checked at the admissions office, and that it is wrong to fully understand individual citizen authority and to hide it from students or utterly defy that authority.

President Reagan said to Mikhail Gorbachev at the Geneva Summit: “Mr. Gorbachev, let me tell you why it is we distrust you.” Washington, you are getting very much to look and act like Gorbachev.

August 11th, 2006, then U. N. Secretary General Kofi Annan stated in one of his final remarks before leaving his Post: “The Lebanese State, like any other sovereign State, must have a monopoly on the use of force on its own territory.”

“..like any other sovereign state”. .?? “Monopoly on the use of force”??? I don’t think so. Not in this country. These are the true colors of the U.N. and of some equally self-impressed officials here.

2008 Candidates: gun control is nothing more than a frontal attack on the force which backs the authority of your constituents, and you cannot come to office with an opinion which conflicts with the interests of the people, I don’t care what you think about how best to attain safety and security. You’re paid to care about what we think.

Let me tell you why it is we diss you. Why do free citizens have to observe restrictions on personal weapons when you don’t? Set the example: either surrender your weapons or leave ours alone and repeal all gun laws. You can’t have it both ways without being an obvious fraud.

Let’s face it — the armed citizen is the first line of defense. As some have written: when seconds count, law enforcement is moments away.

It’s important to note that of all the states affirming concealed carry of weapons, not one has regretted placing their trust in the armed citizens. This is as it should be, of course. Praise to them, too.

Personal weapons are the force backing our authority, and when it comes to fighting crime, we do a better job of it than officials can ever do; this impeaches not only many sweeping anti-crime policies, but 22,000 gun laws. This is why we diss you. When this authority is obfuscated — and obfuscated stubbornly and intentionally as it is — violent crime grows and feeds cottage industries and industrial complexes, which, in turn, contribute to officials. Thus, they want to see things a little differently from how we see things; this is why they are so very blind to the realities we have to live with. Gun control is nothing more than obfuscating Independence by way of punishing the exercise of our authority.

So, Washington, and all those little cities that make gun laws against their very own state constitutions — you go first: You turn in your weapons first, including bodyguards, assigned officers, the chauffeur’s concealed weapons and gun laws which you have weaponized.

Turn ’em in, officials. A moratorium on all laws which you believe don’t apply to you. in Arizona, officials want to carry their handguns in public buildings, but won’t let constituents do the same. Just another of those 22,000 gun laws. You go first.

2008 Candidates: repeal all gun laws as attacks on the lethal force which backs the authority of your constituents. The state cannot have a monopoly on force when it is the citizen who is the supreme authority.

If you don’t stand up for this civil right and the spirit behind it, you’ll be sending an unmistakable and tragic message to constituents: “We don’t trust you, and we don’t believe you’re in charge. What’re ya gonna do about it?”

Let us be very clear on why it is we distrust you.

John Longenecker is author of The Case For Nationwide Concealed Carry