5/07 Texas Gov.: Allow CCW Anywhere

Governor Says Texans Should Be Allowed To Carry Guns Anywhere In The State

Kevin Peters
Published as a news story by KVUE

Monday [04/30/07] saw some startling comments from Governor Rick Perry on the issue of gun control. Perry told reporters that law-abiding Texans with the proper training should be allowed to carry guns anywhere in the state: churches, courthouses… even in the classroom.

The governor made those remarks after holding talks with educators, law enforcement and mental health experts addressing school safety in wake of the tragedy at Virginia Tech.

“I think it makes sense for Texans to be able to protect themselves from deranged individuals, whether they’re in church, or on a college campus or wherever they are,” said Perry.

The governor told reporters there should be zero gun limitations on law-abiding Texans.

“I think a person ought to be able to carry their weapon with them anywhere in this state if they are licensed and they have gone through the training. The idea you’re going to exempt them from a particular place is nonsense to me,” he said.

Marsha McCartney, an anti-gun activist with the Dallas chapter of the Brady campaign, thinks more guns would only make schools less safe.

“Suicide rates of college age students is already high. I’m not sure it would be good idea to bring guns on campus,” she said.

Governor Perry said that now was the right time for the state to have a debate over gun control. So far, it has not been a major issue during the 80th Legislative session.