4/06 Students And The Second Amendment

Students And The Second Amendment

Christopher Flickinger
Network of College Conservatives

Conservative students in Nebraska are taking-up arms.

Much to the dismay of campus liberals, the College Republicans at the University of Nebraska of Omaha held a “Concealed Carry Week” in support of a bill that would all residents to carry concealed handguns.

Scott Strain, the chairman of the College Republicans, tells the Gateway, “Our main goal is just to bring some awareness to the issue.”

Throughout the week literature was distributed, a speaker from the National Rifle Association was featured and some even took a trip to a shooting range (great idea)!

“It is kind of a fun event,” Strain said. “We can take some of the young members down to the firing range and let them shoot.”

And, apparently, guns and gals go together. Michelle Pacovsky, co-chairman of the College Republicans, points to statistics that show murder rates go down as gun ownership goes up. She tells the student newspaper, “Being a female, I would rather feel safer carrying a weapon.”

But, Cody Farrens, vice president of the College Democrats doesn’t get it. “I do not see that rationale behind people having more guns. Whenever there are more guns around, there are more opportunities for irrational people to make irrational decisions.”

Although I can’t blame Farren entirely for his views — he’s a product (victim) of liberal indoctrination — allow me to let me clarify a few points.

First of all, whether or not Farren can “see” the “rationale” in people owning more guns, citizens have a right to bear arms. Maybe the College Democrat vice president should “see” a copy of the Constitution before voicing any further opposition. Secondly, Farren’s right — with more guns around there will be “more opportunities for irrational people to make irrational decisions.” But, on the flip side, there will be more opportunities for rational people, who pack heat, to weed-out the gene pool when those so-called “irrational people” make “irrational decisions.”

Mr. Flickinger is the “dean” of Human Events U and founder of the Network of Campus Conservatives. He is a native of Pittsburgh and graduated from Ohio University Scripps School of Journalism with specializations in political science and economics.