2/03 Embassy Confirms Citizens Need Arms

Mexican Embassy Confirms Why Border Citizens Must Be Armed
Larry Pratt

In an interview, Miguel Monterrubio, press attache at the Mexican Embassy in Washington DC, has confirmed and made it crystal clear that his country is doing nothing to stop millions of Mexicans from entering our country illegally.

    Q: What is the Mexican government doing to stop Mexicans from coming into our country illegally?

    A: I can tell you the Mexican government is fully committed to develop Mexico. For us it is very important to develop the conditions in order to keep Mexicans in Mexico. So, that’s the most important issue in Mexico, to develop our economy, our social conditions in order to make every day less necessary for people that live in Mexico to live in order to find better jobs.

    Q: Is it illegal in your country for your people to cross your border and come into our country against our laws? Is this against your law?

    A: Mexico has not a policy to stop people that live in the country to leave if they want to leave.

    Q: So, there is no law in your country making it illegal to come to our country in violation of our laws?

    A: No.

    Q: Does your country have any police or army people on your border to stop people from your country coming to our country against our laws?

    A: As I told you, the Mexican government has not a policy of stopping people from going to other countries. The only way to stop people from coming from Mexico to the United States is to make shorter the economic gap.

    Q: But, until the economic gap is shortened, you have no one on your side of the border trying to stop your people from coming into the U.S. illegally?

    A: Let me repeat what I said. We do not have a policy to stop Mexicans from leaving the country.

    Q: To your knowledge, has the U.S. government ever asked your government to put anybody on your border to stop your people from coming to our country in violation of our laws?

    A: I’m not aware of this.

    Q: Article IV, Section IV of our Constitution says the United States shall protect each State in our Union ‘against Invasion.’ Would you consider all the illegals coming from your country to be an invasion?

    A: (laughing) Not at all.

    Q: Not at all?

    A: No.

    Q: Because?

    A: Because they come here to get jobs.

    Q: So, if millions of your people come here in violation of our laws that, to you, is not an invasion?

    A: It is not.

    Q: It sounds like an invasion to me.

    A: Well, it doesn’t sound like an invasion to me.

(For the record: The last dictionary I trust, Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary Of The English Language, says the following about the words “invade” and “invasion.” The number three definition of “invade” is “to infringe; to encroach on; to violate.” Definition number four is “to go into.” The number two definition of “invasion” is “an attack on the rights of another; infringement or violation.” Thus, it is arguable that when millions of Mexicans infringe our laws, violate them and illegally encroach on our territory, this is an invasion.)

    Q: Do you have people coming into your country illegally?

    A: We do.

    Q: From America?

    A: No, from Central and South America.

    Q: How long do you think it will take to develop your economy and social conditions to keep your people in your country?

    A: I think it will be a process of a lot of years.

    Q: Why do you think your country has a less developed economy than the United States?

    A: This is a matter of degree of development. There are countries in the process of development. This would be a very long discussion [to explain this].

Ironically, and hypocritically, while the Mexican government could, obviously, not care less about their people coming to our country in violation of our laws, they deal very strongly with immigrants who are in their country illegally.

An article in the World Press Review (September, 2001) reports on Plan Sur (Southern Plan) by the Mexican government where:

    over a period of 15 days the southern border of Mexico was the stage for a large-scale police action that resulted in more than 6,000 deportations of illegal aliens…. In this program, the participation of the Mexican army was confined to cordoning off certain areas…. 50 percent [of those deported by Mexico] were Guatemalan, 28 percent Honduran, 22 percent Salvadoran… more than 18 buses carrying deportees were moving out on a daily basis…. In 2000, Mexico expelled from its southern border 152,967 illegal aliens…. [A Mexican official estimated] that in general terms the number of deportations is increasing by 30 percent each year.

Finally, back to the interview with Miguel Monterrubio, press attache at the Mexican Embassy in Washington DC. His confirmation that it is his country’s policy to do nothing about Mexicans coming to our country illegally, gives us yet one more good reason why private American citizens must police our borders themselves to try and prevent what his own government (and, alas, ours) will not stop.